52 Sprouts

52 Sprouts is a mobile app that combines cooking with social networking. The main premise was to encourage people to cook more often using fresh, seasonal ingredients – and through cooking, lead healthier lives. 52 Sprouts would choose an Ingredient of the Week, and provide tips and tricks for using it. Users could then schedule cooking days, read recipes, and share their creations with friends.

This was my final Master's project at the UC Berkeley School of Information. I worked together with Gilbert Hernandez, Laura Wishingrad, and Bryan Rea over our final semester to explore how we might combine technology, educational content, behavior change techniques, and social networking concepts to encourage cooking at home.

We mainly used it as a sandbox to explore our interests, play around with different tools, and learn more about designing and developing for iOS. We built out a native iOS app using Xcode, with Parse as a back-end. Though we decided not to pursue going live on the App Store, I loved what we came up with and am always eager to chat about it!

Spring 2013   |  design, research, prototyping


52 Sprouts paper prototype


Prototypes at various stages