Dishionary was a mobile app project to help people learn about the food that they eat. It provides simple, high-quality definitions of ingredients, dishes, and cooking terms from around the world.

This was a group project for my Designing Mobile Experiences class at UC Berkeley. We went through exercises to learn about the design process, including sketching, research, scenario/use case exploration, information architecture, and prototyping. We built a mobile prototype on Foundation and Ratchet that wired up to Freebase for definitions and Foodspotting for photos.

In the end, we knew that if we wanted to push this forward, we needed to write high-quality, custom content. The writing portion is still on my backburner, and I'm hoping to finish this side project some day!

My teammates were Gilbert Hernandez, Laura Wishingrad, and Naehee Kim.

Fall 2012   |  design, research, prototyping


Dishionary mobile prototype

Dishionary paper prototype